Monday, 7 June 2010

Carry On Caravanning

After a weeks holiday in a caravan, a proper bed is welcome. As holidays go, it was good. Maybe too good, the sort of good that really makes you want to go back to work monday morning.

The study of other people is always something that fascinates me. I'm not talking psychology, just the casual observance of other people from different areas when you're in close proximity. Caravanning and camping holidays are certainly good for this, mainly because of the lack of stout walls. Every argument and accent becomes not only good fun to listen too, but also helpful when you're trying to create your own characters.

One geezer in particular was talking fairly loudly, I assumed drink was involved, about his problems. He went on for ages about his ex-wife, his inadequacies and even his therapist. He was using some great buzz words like denial, dysfunctional and synergy. Call me old fashioned, but I had a great urge to tell him to just effin get on with it. Life's not a bunch of roses for all of us all the time, you know. Obviously I didn't, but it gave me a great idea for a short story.

Talking of short stories. I Didn't make the shortlist for the Alibi contest. According to their website hey had hundreds and hundreds of entries, so I don't feel too bad about it. There's two more contests coming up, Waterstones and the Guardian Summer short story comp. Deadlines are soon so I'll have to get cracking on them.

Time for today's picture.