Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bagging an agent part 15b

Okay, so there's a lot of talk and advice on snagging a literary agent. Well, I'm sure this has been done before, but...

Dear [redacted],

Please find enclosed the first fifty pages of my epic 250,000 word, young adult novel entitled “Brownley Cotter And The Curious Nark of Spluttergatry.”

Haronda Fitzgerald, Grand Master of the Brackanumpty University of Wizardry hopes this year’s intake of students will be more prolific than recent ones. One of his new students, Brownley Cotter, seems more adept at wizardry than anyone Haronda has seen in years.

After many hilarious scrapes and heroic battles, my novel climaxes with Brownley Cotter receiving his degree in wizardship and defeating an evil Dragon. I feel that Brownley Cotter is not only original but also it would make a good series of books. It could even be adapted to a film!

On visiting your website, I feel we could work well together. So much so, that I have done some extra research on you, both via the internet and also the electoral roll. I think it’s amazing we live so close to each other and your office is only a twenty minute run from where I work.

You won’t believe this, but I’m a Lady Gaga fan too! (The man who was servicing your car told me you had one of her cd’s.) I said to him that your brake lines needed looking at, and he even let me help while he went for a twenty minute cigarette break.

Finally, I don’t mean to be rude, but what are you doing throwing away your bank statements un-shredded? I hope you don’t mind me going through your rubbish, but I think it’s lucky I did. Also, sorry about your medical condition. It must be so embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable with all the sitting around you have to do.

Hopefully we can meet up soon. The pub you sometimes visit after work, the Crown, is on my bus route home. I can be there next Thursday, though I have noticed you seem to prefer Wednesdays for an after work drink. Anyway, if you get there before me, mine's a Babycham.

Thanks again and I look forward to our friendship lasting a long, long time.

Yours sincerely

A. S. Talker

Anyway, wrote another 6,000 words last week on 'Too Big To Fail' which appears to now have a permanent name. Still on course for the deadline.


Jaxbee said...

Hey Charlie! As all's fair in love and trying to get published, I've nicked your letter verbatim for my next submission, gold dust, thanks so much :-))

Tee hee, made me chortle!

Sonic the Hedge said...


Help yourself to the query, good luck with it. I'll even lend you the bail money when you get arrested.


petrifiedtank said...

That's what I've been looking for these last few years. A tried and tested example of a good submission letter. Thank you!

Saw your comment on my doodah, came to see yours. It was good. I followed. I left.

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