Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sunday Drivers

Haven't posted for a while, but here's a very little short story. 120 words.

Sunday Drivers

Nicky had run him over, but that wasn’t the problem. We’d have got away with that. Dark night, dark clothes, tight bend. Guy didn’t stand a chance.

Problem was, she’d slammed the gear in reverse and had another pop.

“The fuck you doing?”

The car bounced over the body.

“He might be alive. Don’t want him talking.” Her hands gripped the wheel so tight. And her eyes...

“Jeez, Nicky.”

She put it drive, floored the pedal. Car didn’t bounce. Guess he was already flat.


She did. Her hands left the wheel and into her bag.


“No witnesses, no crime.”

Her eyes still burned. I saw the .22 she’d pulled from her bag. “That include me?”

She nodded. “Sorry.”


As a break from all the cat, pie and roadsign pictures I've been posting of late, this year I'm targeting shops and take-aways.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011 Awards

The annual Best Of awards for last year (in my opinion) are...

Best book (that I've read) : Ian Rankin - Let it bleed

I spent the year reading the whole Rebus series so one of them had to win... This one is certainly one of the best.

Best Scouse complied anthology of more than 37 short stories: Off the Record by Luca Veste

There could only be one winner... Click here to see what the fuss is about and also for details of a huge competition.

Best short story : AJ Hayes’s Small Separations at Shotgun Honey

Chilling, concise and very memorable read it here.

Best collection of short stories : Julie Morrigan’s Gone Bad

Fab collection of dark and wonderful shorts. Buy it here.

Best Takeaway menu typo : My local kebab/pizza shop

Nun bread - Either it's an ecclesiastical delight or they've misspelt Nan bread. No picture I'm afraid but here's something similar I found. (Number 9's the good bit)

Best Road Sign :

That's all. Back with another old man rant early next week.