Friday, 16 April 2010

Short stories, ebay and re-writes

Queries continue to go out and rejections continue to come back, though at a slower rate. Most appear to be variations of 'it's not something I can get behind with the necessary enthusiasm.' They all appear to be personal though, which is a good thing. I think. I'm seriously thinking of re-writing the start. Most agents want the first three chapters, and due to the layout and short chapters of Spies, lies and pies I reckon I can make it more appealing with a little tinkering. Plus the first three chapters are from three different characters POV. That must go against so many rules (both written and unwritten).

Anyhow, I'm in trouble with both the postman and my other half for buying too many second hand records on ebay. I mean, it's not really my fault. Ebay is too blame. They've made it too easy to buy stuff. Too tempting. Plus, old vinyl can be a real bargain. Of the hours I spend looking on there (maybe that's the reason I'm in trouble) you can guarantee I'll find something I've not got that I've just remembered I've been looking for all my life. As for the postman, well, it is sort of his job but you have to feel for him a bit.

Written quite a few short stories this past week, thanks in part to this little site Short story idea generator
I can't take the credit for finding this, James Killick twittered about it. I'm going to enter a few competitions soon, defintely the Waterstone's one, not sure about the Alibi one. I've partially written a story for it (the Alibi one) but I've become a bit too fond of it, think it may have potential for a full length book.

What's that you say? Pastry picture? Not this week.


Kate said...
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Kate said...

Totally sympathise with the eBay situation. Worst time of day to go on eBay is late at night after some particularly good Pinot Noir -- you end up explaining to your other half why there might soon be a (transmission-less, engine-less) Indy car gracing the driveway.

Sonic the Hedge said...

I remember seeing on the news a year or so ago that a six year old bought a full size JCB digger by accident. So, it's easily done. I accidentally bid £110 for a record once instead of £11, luckily it only reached about £13. That would have taken some explaining.

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