Monday, 7 March 2011

Lack of updates

Just an update to explain the lack of updates. Firstly, there's no real explanation. Real life just gets in the way sometimes.

Secondly, writing is going very slowly on all fronts. I'm up to about 52,000 words on Seven Daze, but it's becoming hard work. Haven't written a short story in months, but I've got ideas for two more books.

Thirdly Alibi have a new writing competition this year whereby the place the story is set must become a big part of the story. I'm thinking of entering, but the old mind's blank at the moment.

Lastly, is it fourthly or forthly? Neither look right to me.


petrifiedtank said...

Good luck getting some writing done - The sign caught my eye, and now I'm criminal.

Good luck in the TP (Terry, not Toilet) comp, too - in it myself. End of the month, isn't it?


Charlie Wade said...

Thanks Craig,

Good luck yourself. I think a shortlist is announced the end of march. If I don't win it, I hope you do!

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