Monday, 12 December 2011

Another old man rant...

The youth of today, eh?

That’s one good thing about getting old: you can start saying old people things. However, the statement does have some value.

Every generation post 50’s has left behind some redeeming change. Whether its music, fashion, obesity, whatever. I always refer to them as music eras as they seem to be the driving force. Sixties gave us mods and hippies. Seventies rock then punk. Eighties new wave and indie. The nineties, rave.

I was a bit too young for new wave and slightly too old for rave, but god did I have a bash at it. I’ve stood in fields at four in the morning freezing cold and sweating at the same time. I’ve been in clubs where the atmosphere turned from defensive to electric after the drunks left at three in the morning. I’ve watched the sunrise on Brighton beach after dancing all night in steel toe-capped CAT boots. I’ve got the prematurely bad knees to prove it.

But youngsters today, eh? What about them?


The noughties were a forgettable decade. The only thing they generated were manufactured pop music, hoodys and trousers that are worn at half mast. The oneties look to be going the same way too.

Youngsters of today, this rant is for you. Think hard about this. When your grandkids eventually ask you, “There was punk, new wave and rave. What did you have?” What you going to say to them?

"We listened to rehashed, manufactured music, I wore my trousers halfway down my arse while your nan had a spray tan in November?" No. You need something more. Some defining theme or music style. Something to celebrate the fact you’re still young and can change the world before you get old and cynical and start thinking you can write books. The inability to spell and punctuate isn’t what you want to be remembered for, is it?

I know everything from festivals to alcohol has become commercialised and dumbed down, but that doesn’t stop you thinking for yourself and rebelling. Not that I want too much rebelling. I’m middle aged now and I’ve got twenty quid on me nectar card. Rebel in moderation, young people, avoiding damage to loyalty card users wherever possible. Most of all, find something that makes you stand out from the last and the next generation.

So, sort it out. Pull your trousers up, they look fucking ridiculous, get out there and do something people’ll remember. Before it’s too late.

And breathe out...

Time for a picture, I think


Kym Hamer said...

Middle aged woman rants in response:
You may not be able to win the spelling bee but at least turn your effing spell check is the ultimate 'by the people for the people' conundrum that you do not use it.

Oh yes and I'm with him...pull your effing trousers up. It makes you look ridiculous and like you bought them without reading the size on the effing tag. Or did you forget to spell check that too?

Rant over.

Chris Mawbey said...

Bloody hell - you sound just like me. It's nice to know I'm not the only miserable bugger who thinks that way.
I think today's youth are going to be remembered for "can't be arsed" (no pun intended)

Charlie Wade said...

Kym, it was tempting to reply to your rant with 'lol, innit.'

Agree about spell-checkers, but I'm still not sure if they're a good invention or not.

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks for popping by. Always good to meet another miserable bugger.
The thing about trousers is they've been worn around waists for centuries, yet in one generation we're regressing back to the stone age. You're right, this generation will be remembered for arses in more ways than one.

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