Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The other site

I've created another blog, called The Daily Cynic.

I know satirical / cynical newspapers are nothing new. I remember That Be Bristle from about ten years ago (unfortunately just this snippet on the wayback machine is all that remains), not to mention the truly exceptional Daily Mash. As regular readers to this blog will know, sometimes things annoy me enough to need a good rant about and I thought the rants needed a proper home.

Of course I'll still rant here from time to time, but as this was originally a writing blog based round my first book, it's probably for the best that it stays predominately writing.

Talking of writing, I'm 15,000 words into the Inspector Cliche novella and I've hit a bit of a wall. I've not run out of ideas, it's just finding the time to write.

I know this was supposed to be the year of the takeaway picture, but I can't find any more decent ones.


Christopher Black said...

Unless I is much mistaken, that be 20 yards down from St Nicks.

Charlie Wade said...

Good spot, Chris, I think it is. I won't pretend it was intentional to tie it in with the That Be Bristle link, it's just a complete fluke.

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