Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nano part 2

So, 6 days in and I should have racked up 10,000 words by now.

I've done possibly nearly a thousand. Not all on the same book which is a bit of a problem and not very nanoish. I've written a bit of Off The Rails, but don't like it, written a small extra piece of Inspector Cliche and dabbled with a few starts. Ideas are still thinner on the ground than my hair. The only real idea I've had that I like is below...

Working title 'Ears'

His ears were too fucking big.

Jeff knew that was the problem. Everyone else’s were different: they started level with their eyes, the bottom level with the upper lip, even the nose for some people. But no, he just had to be born with two fucking big question marks either side of his skull.

Looking into the mirror he sighed. He wasn’t that pig ugly. He didn’t have an extra fucking nose or three eyes or anything. But the ears. Every time he met someone, even if he’d met them before, eye contact only lasted a second. Their eyes would move, away from his across his left temple to his ear. Then back over his eyes to the other. Always the left first. Their face would drop too. A look of disgust or sympathy as they noticed and really took in the ears that stretched from the top of his head to his chin. Poor bastard, they’d be thinking. Can’t he get surgery for them? Some would even smile the evil fuckers. They were the worst.

They’d also be the first.

Trying to stretch that into a 90,000 word book might be a problem. Though I reckon Inspector Britwell could be forced from retirement to help investigate.

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