Wednesday, 5 December 2012


So, as expected, the Nanowrimo experiment was an abject failure for me. About three thousand words was all I managed, and it wasn't even on one story. It doesn't really matter though, as instead of Nanowrimo I did a bit of Nanoedimo or editing as it's usually known. Seven Daze is in the process of having what I hope is its final edit. Obviously I've given it many final edits before, but this one's it. To find out why I'm editing it again, keep tuned after christmas...

Also, having done a bit of thinking about writing, and it being close to new year's resolutions and all that, I've made the following decisions for the coming year...

1. First of all, next year I'm rewriting the novella Inspector Cliche as a full length novel.

2. I'm going to stop making lists.

3. This blog will continue to gather tumbleweed as I'll spend less time on it. However, I'm going to set up a proper writing site with proper writing and not just random old man moans.

4. Give up smoking.

5. After Inspector Cliche, I'm going to re-write the book formerly known as Spies, Lies and Pies (now called The Spy With Ezcema)

6. Restart smoking.

Haven't had any pictures for a while, so here's a pic of our cat looking like it's hogging the remote control. Happy xmas all.


Jaxbee said...

That's a shame because I really like your old man ramblings. I like number 4 by the way but I'd give up on the whole resolutions thing before you get to number 6. I've just tagged you in a blog where you have to talk about a WIP. I thought you might like to talk about your NaNo writing... but Seven Daze will do just fine, too!

Jaxbee said...

Hope you're not cursing me! I thought I should leave you my blog address so you have no excuses! See

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks Jax. To be fair, I've cut down on smoking so I'm partway between 4 and 6. The old man rants will continue, but just less of them.

I'll have a go at talking about Seven Daze next week. As you;ve forced me into it!

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