Monday, 28 January 2013

Seven Daze - Announcement

I am absolutely chuffed to announce that Seven Daze is going to be published by Caffeine Nights. Obviously I'm over the moon that it's been accepted and can't wait until the release (which at the moment looks like being the end of May).

In case you don't know, Seven Daze is the story of Jim, an habitual criminal recently released from prison who tries his hand at contract killing. Messing up his first hit, Jim has to somehow find ten grand in a week to pay compensation for the carnage his failure created.

Here is a link to Caffeine Nights' website, they've released many books by writers I enojoy reading and I'm proud my next book will be published by them.

Thanks to eveyone who's helped with Seven Daze, the two people that read early versions of it and others who over the years have helped my writing.


Kym Hamer said...

This is fantastic news Charlie. Congratulations!

Charlie Wade said...

Thank you, Kym. And thanks again for your help with reading it last year.

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