Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Different query

For the last batch of queries to go out, I thought I'd readdress the query itself. Is it up to much? Is it good enough? etc.

The answer, haven't got a clue. What do I know, this is all new to me as it must be to most of us. I've read what I can, tried many times to write the query and I still don't know.

This, hopefully final, version has less use of the word pie, is shorter and more to the point, but I think still lacks something. It's so hard in just a few short paragraphs to not only give a sense of the book, but also your writing style or voice as some people like to call it.

Am I alone in just wishing all the Agents would reject it straight away so I can get on with writing again? Probably.

Oh yeah, the query. Here it is.

Eczema suffering secret agent Barry Frond hopes his new task for the agency will take his mind off both his ex and his multiple personalities. However, the task (the simple collection of a memory card filled pie) quickly goes wrong leaving Barry on a wild chase through the streets of Basingstoke to find a pie, a man on sick leave who eats pies and a secret society similar to the Masons, known as the Free-Cutters.

After Barry teams up with bad-back suffering Don Spillacy, their quest for answers takes them to the Free-Cutters memorial hall in Cumbria. Will Barry and Don find out the secret? Or is this destined to be a pastry case with no filling?

Complete at 120,000 words, Spies, lies and pies is a comedy spy thriller in the style of Hugh Laurie’s The Gun Seller and Graham Greene’s Our Man From Havana. It is a celebration of the anti-hero British spy who drinks gallons of tea, talks to himself and messes up punch lines. Does he win in the end? Sort of.

If you're wondering where 13,000 words disappeared to. Some were edited, the others were a side story that has been removed for the time being.

Anyway no pie pictures today. Instead, the cover to Sausage roll finger that Bradley Wind did.

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