Tuesday, 16 March 2010

First rejection

Had my first rejection yesterday. The first of many no doubt. Well, a maximum of ten. It was a standard rejection so I have no idea if they read any part of it or not.

One thought has crossed my mind. If you're an agent sitting in your nice chair, eating biscuits and drinking tea and you receive a query letter from someone claiming to have written a pastry themed comedy spy thriller. Do you think a) it's a wind up, b) mental instability is on the increase or c) this is a genuine comedy novel?

My query is as serious as I could make it, but describing a comedy farce of pastry proportions involves the use of comedy. I'm thinking maybe I should add a 'I'm serious about writing but I write about non-serious subjects' type of qualifier. Obviously I'll phrase it better than that.

But, if they don't read it anyway, what does it matter?

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