Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Strong Scenes Contest

So, while on holiday it was a nice surprise the receive an email saying I'd made the last four of the Strong Scenes Contest. This came as a welcome shock, especially as its a popular competition with over a hundred entries.

Whether I can blame my failure to win on my holiday, as in not enough time to organise friends authonomy style to vote for it, or whether it was just crap I don't know.

But thanks to the one person who did vote, whoever you are. (No, it wasn't me.)

There's nothing better than going back to work after a two week holiday is there? Nothing quite like the feeling. Your brain's fried within seconds, everyone's nicked your coffee while you've been off and there's a mountain of unsorted papers on your desk.

Anyway, I'm wondering whether to try and rush new book #1 for the Terry Pratchett contest or stick with New book #2. Tough choice. Writing 70,000 words by the xmas deadline for new book #1 would be tricky to say the least, but I might have a stab. It's 573 words a day (ignoring editing.) I like a challenge.

No piccies today I'm afraid, sorry.


Kate said...

Go for it!

Sonic the Hedge said...

Go on then, I'll have a go :)
I've done four hundred in the past few hours. It should just be doable I reckon.

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