Wednesday, 18 May 2011

141 Word Wednesday

It's a bit like Flash Fiction Friday, Six Sentence Sunday and New Chapter Chuesday. Except, it's Wednesday and it's 141 words long. Those of you who think I made up the name to match a 141 word story I've just written, may be right.

CSI Romford

They called him CSI Romford. He didn’t mind. He found it funny the first few times. It was just a playful nickname. Just their way of relieving tension. Crime scenes can get so depressing.

Pushing a small piece of fingernail into a plastic bag, he sighed. Another body. The tenth this month. This serial killer had everyone stumped. The finest detective brains this side of Barking were baffled. There were just no clues, no DNA. Nothing.
He slipped the plastic bag into his pocket. It was maybe the first piece of evidence the killer had left behind. This could have been the break through. But, it wouldn’t be. He’d get rid of it later. He made a mental note to take more care in future.

That was the best part of this job, you got to clean up your own mess.

I'm still writing. Seven Daze not only needs a new name (There's a few other books already with that name) but it's also nearly finished. I'm also submitting Too Big To Fail to agents, four rejections so far, one of them a nice personal one.


Kym Hamer said...

Good luck..if the 141 word CSI Romford is anything to go by, I'd like to read Seven Daze (or whatever you end up calling it).

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks, Kym, that's very kind of you.

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