Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Flash

It's Friday, it's a bank holiday weekend, so what better than a bit of flash fiction. This one's a bit of fun.

Pole dancing for beginners

It wasn’t that kind of pole dancing club.

Jeff knew as soon as he’d handed over his twenty pounds, crossed the hallway and entered the room. He’d been expecting scantily clad women writhing about. Maybe even naked. Since his divorce, he needed company, plus a little more. He’d seen the sign outside. Pole Dancing Tuesday Nights 8pm.

At first he wrote it off. Just sad old men getting their kicks from some stretchy strumpet. The more he thought about it, the more interested he became. The divorce had been messy. Sure, he missed female company, but could he trust anyone again? This seemed like a halfway house. He talked himself into it.
But now.

In front of him stood four couples. They were obviously from Poland. Their combined names would make a scrabble score of over a thousand. The men, dressed in dinner jackets and smart shoes held their right arm around their partner as they twirled and stepped to the sounds of the Glen Miller band.
They stopped, turned and looked at him.

“I think he is disappointed,” said one of the women. “Did you come here looking for something else?”

Jeff turned and fled. Reaching the door, he burst onto the street and didn’t stop until he reached his bedsit.

“That’s the tenth one tonight,” a female dancer said to her partner.
“Yeah. The twenty pounds just keep rolling in,” he replied.

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