Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Zombie Noir Chick-Lit

Or Noir Zombie Chick-lit?

A month or so ago I wrote a little short story for a competition. We were given the first line and had to write the rest, max 250 words.

Well, I've made the five finalists.

Not my normal genre, and the story that came out was a little bit absurd, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed writing this. It's somtimes more of a challenge to write something unusual.


Jenny Hansen said...


All of us at Writers In The Storm thought you did a bang up job! :-)

Kym Hamer said...

Congrats 'Mr Pie'!

Will await further news of said book. Any will do...edited, unedited, chapter by chapter, whatever.

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks Jenny,
I really appreciate it. Thanks also for the cracking first line that put the story into my head.

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks Kym
You mean Inspector Cliche? I'm supposed to be editing then submitting another book, but I am writing more of it every now and then. Should be another chapter within the next week.

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